About Us


Reduced Downtime

Available for unforeseen circumstances

Fully equipped for any of your needs 

SJH Retail Design Ltd has built up a reputation of trust and reliability within the specialist pharmacy refitting industry for over 20 years. Our sensible approach to pricing, innovative design (based on the needs of a working pharmacy), and a reliable workforce, has seen us grow from strength to strength and seen our customers return year upon year. 


Not only are we highly recommended by our loyal customers, but by suppliers to the pharmacy industry alike. We are trusted by pharmacists, dispensing doctors and hospitals to improve their working environment and improve their business potential. We are renowned for our quality and speed. We look forward to our next project with you.


Portapharma.uk understands the need to keep your pharmacy up and running during refurbishment or if you have to close for unforseen circumstances.

Downtime simply isn't an option and Portapharma.uk will be there to enable you resume normal business.



Easy to arrange, we can organise our unit to be delivered to you anywhere in the UK.

Our units are fully compliant with GPC and NHS regulations and have passed inspection on all our projects.


Our portable pharmacies are insulated and heated and come fully equipped with all the fittings you would expect in your own pharmacy.

  • Bespoke Pharmacy Shelving

  • Automatic Hand Wash Sink

  • Controlled Drugs Cabinet

  • Underworktop fridge space

  • LED Lighting

  • Retail Counter

  • Consultation Room (in our 12 metre units only)